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Alina Velasquez, artist & educator


I was born and raised in Houston. I have been creating art for as along as I can remember. It has been my one and only passion since I was a little girl. My ambition and my creativity have always been the qualities I value most in myself.

After studying art in high school, I got my Associates Degree at Alvin Community College where I studied film and digital photography. During that time, I was a freelance portrait photographer. After graduating, I transferred to the University of Houston where I am currently majoring in Graphic Design. I have studied most mediums, including acrylic and gouache painting, drawing/charcoal, watercolor, color theory, graphic design and photography.

As I was studying, I found another passion in teaching. I taught at summer camps, churches and private preschools. I have been working with tiny humans for 8 years. I love watching people of all ages grow their imagination and creativity. It is truly inspiring.

I now work as a freelance artist, creating custom fandom artwork and I also am a muralist. I hope to one day open my own Design studio where I will create new artwork everyday to make our city more beautiful and creative, collaborating with local artists and teaching the young artists in my community.