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Talitha Brant, Artist & Educator

 I am a recent college graduate excited to teach art! My degree is in Biology, but in my last semester at school I realized that drawing and creating were for formative for me that I couldn’t leave it alone. When I first began drawing as a child, I would only draw anime characters. When showing a drawing to my older brother (also an artist), he said “You can’t just draw anime…” So, I began to draw realistic portraits- and that’s how it all started, really! Even now, I primarily draw people, but I also enjoy animals and landscapes, too. I especially love drawing in ink pen, but I am skilled in acrylic, watercolor, pencil sketching, and ceramics as well.

 Making art has been absolutely fundamental in my life, always providing an escape, explanation, and enhancement to whatever it was I was doing or going through. Eventually, I hope to make art that promotes wildlife conservation, become an Orthodox iconographer, and continue teaching art.