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Victoria Troncoso, artist & educator

Victoria Troncoso was lucky to be born into a family who loves traveling. Experiencing cultures from all around the world, she discovered her love for art. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication and a minor in Spanish from UT Arlington. She worked as a graphic designer for a few years but did not feel fulfilled as an artist.
Combined with her passion for art and love for working with kids she decided to try teaching art. She completed her teaching certification while working as a graphic designer. Soon enough she found a position at an elementary school in Dallas teaching art to over 400 young artists. While teaching, she grew as an artist and had unforgettable experiences. After three years of teaching in Dallas she decided to move to Austin. 
She is inspired by love, film, nature, and other artists. She enjoys visiting museums and parks in her spare time. She never wants to stop learning and growing, and she hopes to inspire young artists to do the same.