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Austin Paint your own Pottery

8108 Mesa Drive, Suite B-102, Austin, TX 78759 - Directions

Simply come inside, find a table, and let your experience begin.

Behind the scenes, here’s how we GLAZE and FIRE your masterpiece…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to paint a ceramics piece?
Plan on 1-2 hours for a full studio session. Your studio pass is good all day long.
How long until I can pick-up my finished piece?
We write the pick-up date on your receipt. It usually takes 7 days from the time you complete your masterpiece.
Is my piece food safe? Microwave safe? Bake safe?
The paints and glazes we use are all approved as lead-free and food-safe. This means that no toxins leech into the foods and liquids that come in contact with the surfaces. In general, earthenware is microwave safe, but it is not oven-safe. Large and quick shifts in temperature can cause ceramics to crack and it is not recommended to put your ceramics piece in the oven.
How much does it cost?
Our pricing is straight-forward. We have a single Studio Day Pass that covers all of your supplies, kiln firing, and support by our trained crew of artists. Beyond that, each ceramic piece has its own price – ranging from $9 to over $75.
Children (12 and under) – $6
Adults (age 13+) – $6
What is an “OBSESSION CARD”?
Every time you paint at Pottery Parlor by Cordovan Arts, we stamp your Obsession Card — When you receive 6 stamps, you will receive an adult or child full-day studio pass.
Can I bring food into the studio?
Yes, of course! Many people bring in food to snack while they paint. Because the paints and materials are all food-safe, there are no risks with having food in the area.