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6th Annual Student Art Show

3810 Gattis School Road #108, Round Rock, TX - Directions

6th Annual Cordovan Art School Student Art Show

  • Best of Show–Adults Division (Teens & Adults)

    James Elliott “Another Day at the Office”

  • Best of Show–Youth Division (ages 4-12)

    Abigail Schmidt, age 7, “Untitled 1”


  • 1st place Adults

    Ardelle Fisher “Your Place in the Sun”, Cecilia Bramhall “Maple”, Elizebeth Jung “Martian Fernandez”

  • 2nd Place Adults

    James Elliott “Mocking Bird”, Jolaine Chatham “Another Day in Paradise”, Kathryn Yu “Passing Through”, Jolaine Chatham “Rub-a-dub-dub”

  • 3rd Place Adults

    Dusty Nelms “The Quack of Dawn”, Laoraine Means “Friends on the Square”, Vernon Goddard “Country Road”

  • Viewers Choice–Adults Division

    Ardelle Fisher “Your Place in the Sun”, Cecilia Bramhall “Maple”, Elizabeth Jung “Little Martin”, Evie Walberg “Birthday At Isle of Capri”, James Elliott “Another Day at the Office”

  • Honorable Mention Adults

    Christine Hall “Fennell and Radish”, Christine Hall “Soy Nica”, Dusty Nelms “Dad’s Day Off”, Evie Walberg “Reflections Art Steamboat”, Loraine Means”Grand Ideas”, Margaret Hammer “Closer Look”, Melvin Lindsey “El Capitan”, Mollie Holton “Fall in New England”, Mollie Holton “Palo Duro Canyon”, Monica Sinnott “Steve’s MGB Roadster 1974

  • 1st place Teens

    Catie Legg “Irene”, Sophie Phipps “Bonnye’s Birds”

  • 2nd Place Teens

    Elizabeth Worthen “Lemons”, Catie Legg “Iris”

  • Viewers Choice–Teens Division

    Catie Legg “Irene”, Sophie Phipps “Bonnye’s Birds”, Caitie Legg “Iris”, Elizabeth Worthen “Lemons”

  • 1st place youth division (ages 9-12)

    Alex Guerra “Marty McFly”, Jacob Hinegardner “The Avengers”, Sara Trigo “Don’t Look Back

  • 2nd Place youth division (ages 9-12)

    Amelia Greene “Cubist Nature”, Matthew Schmidt “Bunny”, Udo Voss “Texas BlueBonnets”

  • 3rd Place youth division (ages 9-12)

    Amelia Greene “Veporeon”, Alex Guerra “Ghostbusters”, Matthew Schmidt “Olaf”

  • Viewers Choice–youth division (ages 9-12)

    Jacob Hinegardner “The Avengers”, Amelia Greene “Cubist Nature”, Alex Guerra “Marty McFly”

  • Honorable Mention youth division (ages 9-12)

    Adrianna Jones “Untitled”, Carmen Garcia “Practicing for Contest”, Emily Briski “Cleopatra”, Ian Gilbert “The Rise of a New 42”, Isabelle Junkans “Dayz Past”, Nobel Vinson “Charizard”, Sara Trigo “Take to the Sky”, Shelby Schmidt “Untitled (Horse)”

  • 1st place elementary division (ages 6-8)

    Gerry Liboiron “Bluebonnets”, Sneha Krishnan “Autumn”, Lili Thornton “Wolfie”, Sneha Krishnan “Friendship”


  • 2nd Place elementary division (ages 6-8)

    Jillian Hogge “Untitled”, Lili Thornton “Cow by the Sunset”, Isaac Gilbert “Sunrise of the Bluebonnets

  • 3rd Place elementary division (ages 6-8)

    Abigail Schmidt “Untitled 2 (Guinea Pig)”, Lili Thornton “The Eye”, Mary Kennimer “Minecraft Love”

  • Viewers Choice–elementary division (ages 6-8)

    Abigail Schmidt “Untitled 1”, Schmidt “Untitled 2”, Sneha Kishnan “Autumn”

  • Honorable Mention elementary division (ages 6-8)

    Luke Bogan”Minecraft Love”, Jadyn Polansky “Happy Heart”, Joel Raley “Swan of Awesome”, Katie Grace Bogan “Mickey Mouse”, Andrew Briski “Ninago”, Nicholas Mendez “Dinosaur Alphabet”, Nicholas Mendez “Spinosaurus”