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Voted BEST Art Camps in the Greater Austin Area!

If you’re looking for summer art camps for kids in Austin, look no further than Cordovan Art School!


Year after year, Cordovan Art School has been the leader in creative art camps in the NW Austin Area! Select from over 40 themed camps: Live animals, Video Game Art, Super Heroes & Villains, Fantasy Art, Space Art, Pets, Pokemon, Underwater & Sea Life, Anime, and more! Experience mixed media, chalk, pencil, pastels, watercolors, acrylic, paper mache, clay, pottery, and more!

Multiple discounts may not be used together. Only one discount will be applied to each registration.

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What you need to know about Cordovan Art School Summer Camps:

  1. When you arrive at art camp, sign in at the front desk to find out your teacher’s name, studio classroom, and where you can store your belongings.
  2. At the end of camp each day, parents will go to the studio classroom to sign out their artists.
  3. If your artist is enrolled in Extended Care they will wait in the lobby where they can draw, socialize, and hang out with other artists.
  4. Books, phones, electronic devices, and other personal items may be used before and after camp, but should be put away once camp begins. Cordovan is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items, so bring at your own risk.
  5. If enrolled in a full day of camp be sure to send your artist with lunch, water bottle, and two snacks! Lunch takes places 12:00-1:00pm, and snack break is taken during the middle of each 3 hour camp block.
  6. Please let us know if siblings of different age groups want to attend camp together. They will be placed in the studio classroom of the youngest sibling.
  7. Morning Camps are 9:00am to 12:00pm. Afternoon Camps are 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Be sure to drop your artist off and pick them up on time! Enroll in extended care if you will be more than 10 minutes late dropping off or picking up.
  8. Thumbnail artwork shown next to each camp description below is a representation of the theme of the camp, but not necessarily the art project that will be created during the camp.
  9. Artists will be grouped by age and assigned to a classroom. This allows our students to get the best individual care from our teachers.