Austin Art Classes, Adults

8108 Mesa Drive, Suite B-102, Austin, TX 78759 - Directions

The classes listed below will be held at the Cordovan Art School located at 8108 Mesa Drive, Suite #101-C, Austin, TX 78759

Cordovan offers continuous enrollment. New students pay a one-time registration & supply fee of $65. Tuition is paid monthly. For adult students who wish to enroll in 2 classes at the same time, the monthly tuition is only $252 (35% off); For 3 classes the tuition is only $336 (40% off). Classes are now accepting students. Sign up today!
Classes require a minimum of four students. If the minimum enrollment is not reached one week before the first day of class, students may switch into another class or receive a full refund.


2018 Classes for Adults

Evening Painting & Drawing

Monday: 9/4/17 - 5/28/2018     6:30pm - 8:30pm

If you have always wanted to paint & draw, but just haven't found the time, now is your chance. Offered in the evenings, this class is all about relaxing after a long-day while taking your art skills to the next level. You will get started by finding a photo to draw or paint that interests you (or you can bring one from home). Then, you'll work side by side with a professional artist to guide you as you learn how to train you eyes to see. You'll learn the tricks and techniques that will help your art come to life. All mediums are OK to use in this class. For Beginners and Advanced students. You will work at your own speed.


Creative Painting & Drawing

John Howell

Tuesday: 9/5/2017 - 5/22/2018     10:00am - 12:30pm

If you have always wanted to paint & draw, but just haven't found the time, now is your chance. You'll be learning from nationally-recognized, award winning artist, & Cordovan Art School Founder, John Howell. This class is all about learning, enjoying the process, and taking your art skills to the next level. The environment is always positive and encouraging. You will work from a photograph of your choice, and get individual attention as you navigate your masterpiece.


Creative Clay Hand-Build for Adults & Teens

Thursday: 9/7/2017 - 5/24/2018     6:30pm - 8:30pm

If you are looking for a unique experience with 3-D media, try this hand-building CLAY class! You'll create everything from scratch . You'll get to put your own spin on each class project as you design, sculpt, and glaze. We will fire your masterpieces for you and they will come out beautiful and ready to use, show and display. All supplies are included. Ages 14 & up.