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Afia Rahman, artist & educator

Afia Rahman is a young ambitious artist who has practiced art for 10 years to become skilled in a multitude of mediums in aspirations of being a 3D animator! She’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Graphic Design at the University of Houston with determination of joining an animation studio. 

She aims to combine striking visuals with expressive portraits in mediums such as traditional and digital to express her gothic and animated style.
Born in Queens, New York but raised with the influences of vibrant south asian colors mixed with modern anime styles, she enjoys working with all sorts of tools such as sketching, inking, prismacolors, acrylics, and digital art. For the Celebrating Art Contest Fall 2020 she, along with other artists, submitted and had her artwork placed in the anthology art-book. 
While pursing college, she has done numerous commissions ranging from tattoo designs, henna tattoos, character creation, and logo work. Affiliated with the Blaffer Art Museum Student Association at University of Houston, she has presented her pieces at their Biannual Art Shows.