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Why ART in Summer?

What have ya’ll got planned for your kids this Summer? Maybe you’ll be taking your family on an amazing family adventure to experience a new environment, a new country or culture; to see some incredible new sights or to enjoy the beauty of the good earth. Maybe you’ll be taking advantage of some academic enrichment camps or classes to help your child catch up or get ahead in reading, science, or math over the summer. Sports and other physical activities like dance or martial arts can provide kids with physical development and social interaction. Many children develop self-confidence in learning and mastering a new skill.

While taking a break from the rigor of a regular school day, Summer can provide the opportunity for enhanced learning and new experiences for kids. For a great balance of learning, social interaction, self confidence, personal development, adventure, and FUN, consider the benefits of enrolling your child in a creative ART CAMP or CLASS this Summer!

Enhance Learning

Research shows that the arts provide a valuable link to learning and success. The arts can stimulate young minds with creative exploration, self-expression, and new concepts which have proven useful in many aspects of life. A report by Americans for the Arts states that:  

“Young people who participate regularly in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair, to be elected to class office, likely to have higher SAT scores, and are less likely to drop out of school than children who do not participate.” 

The report goes on to state that art education strengthens problem-solving and innovative thinking skills and “increases academic performance overall, resulting in not only better students, but better human beings”.

Encourage Communication Through Self-Expression

The California Alliance for Arts Education recently reported that arts education helps students become globally competitive by developing their abilities for communication.  Art provides a unique way for children to express themselves. Communication with new friends and the expression of emotions through art creation can influence how kids communicate at home, school, and with other adults. Doing art with groups also helps children learn an appreciation of different perspectives. They observe how other kids create different kinds of artwork and interpretation based on the same instructions, helping them to be open to different ideas. We have noticed in our art programs, that many seemingly shy kids, or those who tend to seem more introverted, produce some of the artwork with the most depth. Their response to “Tell me about your artwork” aids them in their ability to express themselves in ways that enhance their communication and interaction skill.

Gain a Sense of Achievement

Art camps provide a safe, non-threatening, non-competitive environment where there is not a “right and wrong” answer, normally found in an academic environment. Away from the constant stimulation of being entertained by television and video games, children learn for themselves through trial and error how to work through problems, find solutions, and finish a project. When kids complete an art project, they feel a sense of achievement and completion.They can’t wait to take home their artwork to remember their experience and to share it with others.

Provide an Adventure

We carefully plan weekly art themes for our Summer Art Camps that provide a sense of adventure and variety for kids! Our animal camps provide opportunities for kids to draw and paint animals in their various environments and to be exposed to live animals that they probably haven’t been close to before like kangaroos, large snakes, foxes, chinchillas and exotic birds. Video Game Art is a fun new way to apply the obsession of video games to a creative realm. Sea Life, Intergalactic Space Art, and Jurassic Park transport kids to fun new places in space and time. Pottery Art, Creative Clay, and Paper Mache and Sculpture teach new skills. With over 40 camp themes to choose from, there is something for everyone! Summer weekly art classes also provide adventure for kids to explore art media and expression in new and exciting realms of adventure and discovery.

Did we mention FUN?

For learning, social interaction, self conficend, personal development,adventure, and FUN…the benefits of enrolling your child in an art camp or class provides the perfect balance for summer! Cordovan Art School is in its 16th year, winning awards year after year for hosting the “Best Art Camps and Classes” in the Austin area: Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Northwest Austin and Southwest Austin. Camps are for kids from 5-16. Full Day and Half-day Camps with extended hours for childcare are available. Camps will run this summer from May 30th – August 18th. Weekly Art Classes are always open for enrollment. Kids are grouped by age-group and interest. LIVE LIFE IN COLOR THIS SUMMER AT CORDOVAN!

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