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Linda Wandt, Artist & Educator

Linda Wandt is a representational oil painter and instructor who moved from New York to Texas in 1999. She then moved to Austin and obtained a BA in studio art with a focus on painting in 2006 from The University of Texas at Austin and since then has been an active member of Austin’s arts community. After spending years creating highly symbolic portraiture searching inward, Wandt’s work began looking outward to examine the external world as well. An avid camper and hiker, she began incorporating nature into her images such as landscapes, insects, and plants, looking at growth and decay cycles as a metaphor for human psychology. Linda won a Juror’s Choice Award at Art City Austin in 2018, has won a grant from the City of Austin’s Building Capacity fund, in 2020 won a scholarship to attend the Portrait Society of America’s annual conference, and her work is currently on view in Austin City Hall.